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Law firm "Segedin Lex Consult" (Kiev, Ukraine) is pleased to welcome you to our site!

We offer a wide range of legal and accounting services necessary for you and provide it in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya):

• Emergency assistance of counsel;

• Subscribtion on monthly legal service and accounting service of business;

• Legal support for negotiation, contracting, implementation of transactions, procedures for obtaining credit;

• Registration ("turnkey") and re-registration (LLC, Limited Liability Company, LTD, private enterprise, OOO, TOV, PP) and physical entities - entrepreneurs (SPD), changes to statutory documents, change the founders, directors, address of the company, capital increase, and so on, the elimination , cessation of business, bankruptcy, business registration at the customs office;

• Assistance in obtaining such documents as licenses, permits, certificates (including the SES, UKRSEPRO);

• Provide comprehensive protection and security businesses;

• Preparation of letters, petitions, lawsuits and complaints;

• Drafting and editing of contracts;

• Legal analysis of specific issues (situations), the provision of detention in oral and / or writing;

• Advice on the legality of conducting inspections of enterprises by the state tax service, the Interior Ministry, Security Service, Prosecutor's Office, etc.;

• Legal support during the search, seizure, interrogation;

• Tax Consulting;

• Criminal procedure: consultation, protection of the suspected / accused / defendant, representing the interests of victims;

• Appeal of illegal decisions and acts of government action: fines, confiscation, seizure of documents;

• Pre-trial settlement of disputes;

• Representation of interests in the courts: the economic, administrative, criminal, civil сases(land, labor, housing, inheritance, family disputes, etc.), the Court of Arbitration;

• Assistance in case of accident;

• Preparation of legal documentation, development regulations, collective agreements, regulations and instructions;

• Advice on all areas of the law of Ukraine (oral and written);

• Collection of debts through the courts;

• Advice on employment of foreign nationals.

More information, a list of services you can find in the website section "Services".

For foreign nationals, except for the above services, we assist in the following areas:

• registration of residence;

• extension of stay in Ukraine.

We provide assistance in obtaining the following documents:

• a temporary residence permit;

• a permanent residence permit;

• a work permit for foreigners in Ukraine;

• Tax Identification Number (ID number).



As well as providing advice on the following issues:

• Obtaining visas for entry into Turkey (to live, work, coming to visit);

• Marriage to a citizen of Turkey, in Turkey and Ukraine;

• Divorce from a Turkish citizen;

• Obtaining citizenship in Turkey;

• Obtaining visas for entry into the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, you can order a business plan and assessment of real property, or translated into Turkish / Turkish language with the (Ukrainian, Russian, English and German).


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