About  company

The company "Segedin Lex Consult" combines dozens of professionals, including experienced lawyers, attorneys, having experience in law more than 40 years, accountants, auditors and interpreters, making it possible to translate into reality our dream of full support, provision of skilled protection of the rights and interests of our clients in all areas of law and economics.

Qualifications and experience of the company is confirmed by the high level of confidence in us by regular customers, including the largest Ukrainian, Turkish, German, Russian, Swiss and other foreign enterprises.

Office of our company situated in the center of Kiev. Having a reliable partners, we provide legal support to clients not only in all regions of Ukraine, but also far beyond.

We work for you and you can be sure we will find an acceptable, legal and the best solution to every problem, even if at first glance, the situation seems almost hopeless to the client .

Be assured that our employees will do their best and even more for your business to it continuously developed and flourished!

Law Firm "Segedin Lex Consult" - YOUR LEGAL SUCCESS!