Law firm “Segedin Lex Consult” (SLC, Ukraine, Kyiv), consists of professionals with solid experience in various fields of law and economics.

All of our success is the success of our employees,  first of all. We are the team of like-minded people, and thanks to the experience, knowledge and quality work of each expert, “Segedin Lex Consult” dynamically growing and developing.

We focus on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with experts whose knowledge and experience will directly contribute to the development and prosperity of our company. We are always happy to see in our team professionals in various fields of law ( attornet at law, lawyers), and other professionals – skilled, motivated, energetic, confident in its success people.

Flexible policy SLC in the selection coworkers gives us the opportunity to consider as candidates for the job in the company not only experienced professionals, but also active young professionals with professional and personal potential who have desire to grow with us.

Working in our company, you get excellent personal and professional experience, that are always in demand in the future. Capable and enterprising employees have every opportunity to acquire new skills and career development. In turn, we provide a comfortable working environment, interesting professional challenges, a fair, stable and decent income.

Currently, open positions are absent.

If you are interested in working for our company or you want to offer mutually beneficial cooperation in another form, please send your resume / business proposal by email. Having the positive solution, our employe will contact you!