Accounting for Kiev, business, organizations, companies and enterprises. Audit of financial accounting. Services Accountant. Statement and accounting, bookkeeping services: report to the tax take. Accounting Outsourcing Ukrain, Kyiv.

In the field of accounting and auditing support specialists provide the following services in Ukraine, Kyiv and region:

  • Advice on taxation and book-keeping documents;
  • Audit of the financial activities of the enterprise;
  • Partial or complete accounting services business, the entrepreneur’s activity, organizations, companies, enterprises, accounting outsourcing;
  • Accounting services and courier: preparation and submission of financial statements, courier service (Kiev) – if you only need to submit a report to the tax, the pension fund;
  • The presence of an auditor during the audit of the company;
  • Appeal the unlawful decisions of tax authorities;
  • Representation in government, with a pension fund;
  • Protection of rights and representation in civil tax disputes, tax attorney;
  • Audit of the financial accounting statements of enterprises, organizations and companies;
  • Monthly service accountant. Statement and accounting in Ukraine Ltd., CP, MAP, AP and others;
  • Accounting Outsourcing Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine).