Administrative Law. GAI fine. Administrative fines Ukraine. Attorney at law. Kyiv.

The main activity in the area of Administrative Law:

  • Consulting a lawyer ( attorney at law) for administrative law, administrative proceedings;
  • Legal support during inspections by public authorities, confiscation of documents;
  • Appeal against unlawful actions and decisions of public authorities (tax offices, customs – the confiscation of property, confiscation of the vehicle, administrative fines, OGIRFL (Visa Office), traffic police – to challenge the record, the appeal decision of an administrative offense, a fine of GAI, the violation of traffic rules, the penalty for insurance in Ukraine, Kyiv);
  • Study of the case, legal document review, preparation of legal opinions;
  • Preparation of complaints, petitions, letters, explanations, complaints, objections, claims, including administrative actions;
  • Legal support, representation and protection of public authorities of Ukraine, in the courts, including the administrative courts and courts of general jurisdiction of all courts;
  • Legal representation for recognition of the illegal inactivity of the subject of authority, recognition of decisions, orders the subject of powers unlawful, illegal, to terminate them, including the abolition of the tax notices, decisions on the recognition of actions unlawful, illegal, and recognition of cancellation of to administrative responsibility, etc. (legal counsel);
  • Tax controversies;
  • Customs disputes and disputes with the traffic police about the offender an administrative offense (confiscation, fines Ukraine GAI violation of traffic rules, Kyiv).