Banking Law

The main activity of legal company on Banking Law:

Services for the founders of the bank and credit unions:

  • Oral and written advice on banking law;
  • Preparation of written reports;
  • Advising on the establishment, reorganization and liquidation of banks and their branches and representative offices;
  • Accounting and legal due diligence (Legal Due Diligence) of the banking institution, the purchase of corporate rights which is going to make a customer, bank security, economic Safety when the bank, protecting the security of the bank (Kyiv and all Ukraine’s oblasts).

Facilities for the existing banks, credit unions:

  • Oral and written advice on banking law;
  • Preparation of written reports;
  • Representation of the bank in court, during disputes with debtors of banks in the executive office, relationships with government agencies and organizations;
  • Due diligence (Legal Due Diligence) contractors, partners and borrowers;
  • Legal analysis of the bank documents, including texts of agreements, preparation of proposals for their improvement;
  • Drawing up contracts;
  • Advice on obtaining individual licenses to the NBU, the foreign law.

What if the bank sued. Services for clients of the bank:

  • Advice on banking, currency, laws, lawyer, attorney loans, lawyer for the credit;
  • Representation of clients in respect of the bank;
  • Familiarization with the project agreement and to identify possible risks to the client;
  • Consultation on changes to the contract signed with the bank;
  • Writing letters, petitions, complaints, claims, objections to the claim;
  • Representation of clients before courts, the court against the bank in Kyiv and in the regions of Ukraine ( by legal company attorneys at law) ;
  • Preparation of claims to invalidate such contracts (partially or in full volume), as the loan agreement, guarantee agreement, mortgage agreement, the return of the deposit (the deposit) and compensation for loss of profits, etc.;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a bank guarantee;
  • Advice on obtaining an overdraft.
  • Our experts (lawyers, attorneys for loans, credit cases) will always be able to answer your questions: The bank filed a lawsuit, what to do? what a bank guarantee? What is overdraft? how to get a bank guarantee? how to sue the bank? actual admission of the loan agreement null and void? as a loan to Ukraine? non-payment of the loan, what to do? Is it possible to return the deposit in court? mortgage than fraught with bad loans?