Consumer Protection in Kyiv, Ukraine. Protection of the rights in court. Exchange and Return Policy poor quality in the store.

The main activity of Consumerism:

  • Oral and written advice on consumer rights protection;
  • Clarification of the rights and obligations of the consumer, retailer, producer;
  • Legal analysis of documents provided by the Customer, a written opinion;
  • Protection of consumer rights when buying household appliances, automobiles, real estate, food at the supermarket;
  • Protection of consumer rights in obtaining the educational, tourism, medical services;
  • Consumer protection while performing work (repair flats, installation of windows, construction of houses, garages);
  • Drafting letters, complaints, claims;
  • Terminate the contract of sale;
  • Returns to the store, exchange of goods, recovery of a sum of money;
  • Recovery of pecuniary and moral damages;
  • Preparation of an action for consumer protection;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Representation and protection of consumer rights, manufacturer, dealer in court of Ukraine, Kyiv.