Contract Law. The preliminary contract. Recognition of the contract null and void. Termination of the contract. How to make and break the lease, sale or donation.

The main activity in the field of contract law:

  • Due diligence (Legal Due Diligence, Ukraine, Kyiv) of the counterparty, before signing the contract;
  • Support during pre-contractual disputes;
  • Preparation of preliminary agreements: a preliminary contract of sale of apartments, real estate;
  • Drafting contracts of any complexity, including commission agreement, supplies, rent, external economic contract discrepancy report, concordance of the text of an agreement with the counterparty;
  • Legal analysis of the contract, the audit risk;
  • Development of a settlement of the text;
  • Legal support during the signing and execution of the contract;
  • Changes to the contract, drafting amendments to the contract, additional agreements;
  • Legal support during termination, renewal of the contract;
  • Support in the courts of Ukraine, Kyiv region, Ukraine, on the disputes that have arisen in the conclusion, performance of contracts, termination of contract of sale of real estate, apartments, lease, gift, loan, invalidation.