Join SAP, FOP, Inc. in Kiev. How to open and close the limited liability company, a private company subject's predprinimatelsokoy activity, an individual - entrepreneur, branch, representative office, branch ENTERPRISE, Kyiv. Licence. Certificate UkrSEPRO. Elimination of emergency. Opening a clothing store, shoe. Transactions M & A. Legal support.

The main activity in the area of Corporate Law:

  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Preparation of the text of constituent documents;
  • Registration of a limited liability company (LLC), private enterprises (PE), a subsidiary company with foreign investments, branches, representative offices, farming, charitable organizations, social organizations, etc., individual entrepreneurs (SPD FLP);
  • Changes in the constituent documents (the change of the core activities of the founders, change the size of the share capital, change of location, name, etc.), registration by changing the director;
  • Legal and accounting services transactions, including purchase and sale of corporate rights (purchase and sale of business (transactions M & A)), deals to attract investors;
  • Assistance in choosing the best option, more convenient and profitable operation of the business, having regard to taxation;
  • Due diligence (Legal Due Diligence) before making any transactions M & A (also possible accounting audit);
  • Making recommendations to remove existing legal and other risks that impede investment, preparation for sale of business or transactions M &A;
  • Assistance in obtaining permits, licenses, certificates, pins (including the withdrawal of SES, a certificate UKRSEPRO, a license for a taxi, for freight)
  • Support during negotiations;
  • Assess the legal risks when entering into transactions;
  • Settlement of pre-contractual disputes;
  • Drafting contracts of any complexity, protocols, differences, additional agreements;
  • Editing of contracts, legal support during the signing of contracts, amendments to the contract;
  • Support for execution of contracts, including foreign economic contracts;
  • Writing letters, requests, statements, claims, complaints;
  • Legal support during tax audits, inspections and seizures, which are exercised by the UBEP, OCD, staff SES and fire service, service to protect the rights of consumers, and others;
  • Appeal against actions of state authorities;
  • Preparation, validation of internal employees delovodstva, making personnel documentation, orders, reports, job descriptions, employment contracts, non-disclosure of trade secrets, the liability of the order of storage, filling work books;
  • Development of internal legal documentation;
  • Legal support during the liquidation of legal entities and termination of business activity of a natural person-entrepreneur (the closure of the branch, the elimination of ENTERPRISE, the cessation of activity by the entrepreneur, the bankruptcy of the company);
  • Written and oral advice on any areas of the law.
  • Participation in the settlement of corporate conflicts;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Accreditation of the company at the customs;
  • Obtaining a work permit (work permit) for a foreigner.

Our specialists are always happy to provide you with information: how to open and register yourself ENTERPRISE, LLC, Inc., SAP, PE, PIF, the private entrepreneur, how to get permission to trade, will assist in enrollment will, opening a shop (opening a store of shoes, clothes), will tell how to get to Kyiv the following documents: resolution of firefighters license MOE, the conclusion of SES (sanepidemstantsii) UKRSEPRO certificate, license for a taxi, trucking, extension of a building permit, will tell how close the company, liquidation of companies, will help to apply to the court of banktrotstve will help pick up Company name, incorporation documents to prepare for the opening of the Limited Liability Company (Kyiv).