Customs lawyer, attorney at law, advocate. Customs (the court). Importation and exportation of money, currencies, commodities in Ukraine. The confiscation of more than EUR 10 000. Lawyer in customs matters - Borispol court, Ukraine (Kyiv), Turkey (Istanbul). Accreditation at customs. Customs duties and a declaration. Rules of Customs of Ukraine (Ukrainian).

The main activity in the area of customs law:

  • Advice on the method of determining the customs value of goods, rules ukraiskoy customs;
  • Advice on customs and currency regulations (import and export commodities, currencies, money, amounting to more than 10 000 euros);
  • Pre-trial settlement of customs disputes, customs lawyer;
  • Representation and protection of the Customer in the courts on disputes of administrative liability, the imposition of an administrative penalty on the recognition of custom actions unlawful, for invalidation of tax notices, decisions, recognition of the illegal actions of officials of the customs service, recognition of the illegal inactivity and liabilities to perform certain actions, a violation of customs regulations, the abolition of regulations, the violation of customs regulations, etc.
  • Advice on the border of Ukraine and Turkey;
  • Advice on taxation and customs duties;
  • Advice on customs control passing, reasons that can be made seizure of goods, money;
  • Foreign trade agreement: drafting, editing, support for execution;
  • Identification of customs risks when crossing the customs border (Ukraine, Turkey);
  • Developing recommendations for optimization of economic activity;
  • Business registration at the customs, the customs accreditation;

In preparation for the customs of the dispute to court, we provide:

  • Collection of evidence;
  • Introduction to business;
  • Preparation and filing of complaints, objections, explanations, actions, petitions;
  • Representation and protection of the Customer in government agencies (tax, customs authorities), in the courts of Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa and Boryspil court), Turkey (Istanbul) on the passage of the Turkish customs;
  • To appeal the actions of customs officials, court decisions (as if there was a seizure because of the transport of goods, currency rates without over declaration).

Our experts will be glad to answer your questions: what is the customs declaration, the fee and its amount, that is accreditation / registration at the customs, import without declaration in Ukraine for more than 10 000 euro and its consequences, what are the rules for Ukrainian customs, what are the rules of entry money , currencies and commodities in the Ukraine, Turkey, as a customs fee to compensate the lawyer.