Legal audit. Сreation and Organization the security system. Enterprise security, shop, bank. Check contractors, partners and staff of the company, including a criminal record. Economic and fiscal risks in the transaction in Ukraine.

Due diligence is one of the main components of a successful business in Ukraine.

It is through the Due Diligence can assess the degree of risk when entering into transactions with the counterparty, the choice of a partner company, in hiring staff, buying corporate rights when investing, and in issuing loans. Due diligence allows to predict in advance the further development and prevent problems associated with the insolvency or fraud.

Due Diligence is conducted to eliminate or minimize business risks (financial, legal, tax), such as:

  • The risk of acquiring the rights of corporate business at an inflated price;
  • The risk of default of the debtor;
  • The risk of loss of property, financial assets;
  • The risk of harm (of loss), including: goodwill;
  • The risk of initiating litigation and their negative consequences;
  • The risk of seizure of property;
  • The risk that the transaction null and void;
  • The risk of imposition of penalty on the property;
  • The risk of bringing to the tax, administrative or criminal liability;
  • The risk of corporate conflict (the capture, acquisition, litigation);
  • The risk of loss of intellectual property (trademark, industrial design, inventions, know-how);
  • The risk of unscrupulous actions of competitors;
  • The risk of not receiving or loss of appropriate permits, licenses, approvals, etc., on which the draft, the deal and so on;
  • The risk to hire incompetent staff officer, appoint a person financially responsible person with a criminal record;
  • The risk of a loan insolvent person.

In the process of Due Diligence, the customer can choose the test, which consists not only of due diligence, but also to order an accounting audit!