Attorney at law (Legal Counsel) for labor disputes. Labor lawyer. Dismissal for absenteeism. How to fire the director. Wrongful dismissal pregnant. How to resign. The labor agreement (employment contract), Kyiv, Ukraine. Labor disputes.

The main activity in the field of Labour Law:

For the employer:

  • Oral and written advice on employment law, including and on dismissal, reduction, transfer to another job, the prosecution of employees (company staff), as fire director for non-work responsibilities, how to fire the director of the audit;
  • Drafting of employment contracts (employment contract, employment contract);
  • Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner;
  • The development of the collective agreement;
  • Develop job descriptions;
  • Preparing the text of a material liability of employees;
  • Monitoring the correctness of personnel documents in the enterprise, management of personnel records;
  • Develop mechanisms to protect employers from the risk of disclosure of trade secrets;
  • Preparation of draft orders, regulations on wages, work rules and other internal documents;
  • Labor disputes: settlement of labor disputes, mediation;
  • Representation in court, appeal against the decision of the court, counsel for labor disputes (labor attorney at law);
  • Legal audit (Due Diligence) of prospective employees.

For the employee, former employee:

  • Oral and written advice on employment law, than the employer threatens dismissal of pregnant women, dismissal for absenteeism, how to appeal an illegal dismissal as to ensure the return to work, how best to resign (Kiev, Ukraine);
  • Preparation of applications, complaints, letters;
  • The settlement of labor disputes;
  • Preparation of claim, the claim to the employer;
  • Representation of the employee, former employee of the court;
  • Appeal the actions of the employer, the illegal dismissal of a pregnant woman, an employee for absenteeism (Ukraine), early termination of the employment agreement;
  • Drafting of claims in court (labor disputes), including:
    • A claim for reinstatement, the recovery of arrears of wages, average wages for the time of enforced idleness and moral damages;
    • Action to invalidate an order imposing a disciplinary sanction;
    • To amend the complaint and the date of dismissal, recovery of moral damages;
    • A claim for recognition of transfer to another job illegally and reinstatement;
    • Action for the recovery of employment record and recovery of average earnings during his forced absence, etc.