Enforcement proceedings. Execution of court decisions in Ukraine and Turkey. Debt collection. The order of execution. Installment execution of the court.

Accompanying client on the stage of enforcement proceedings, enforcement of judgments includes the provision of experienced lawyers of our company the following services:

  • Submission of executive documents in the executive service for the opening of the enforcement proceedings, the execution of court decisions of foreign courts, debt collection, turning the execution of the award advice on: voluntary execution of the decision of the court in Ukraine and Turkey;
  • Full or partial legal support of the case at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • Preparation and submission of requests, explanations, letters, petitions, motions, complaints, letters, claims, claims with regards to enforcement proceedings;
  • appeal against the acts, omissions, decisions, resolutions of the Executive Director or other officer of the state executive service, the order of a court ispolneneniya (Ukraine);
  • Preparation of such statements as:
    • To change or establish the method and order of execution of court decisions, the adjournment or deferral of execution of the court
    • To seize the debtor’s property;
    • For postponement of the execution;
    • The return of executive document collector;
    • To change the executive production of the reversal of execution stay of execution;
    • The restoration of the missed deadline for submission of the executive document for execution, a duplicate copy of the executive document;
    • Clarification of the content of court decisions, etc.;
  • Advice on the appeal, performance in other states of decisions made by courts of Ukraine and on the execution in the territory of Ukraine adopted by the courts of other countries (enforcement of foreign judgments);
  • İmplementing the representation of clients in the state executive service of Ukraine.