Division of property and child support. Marriage and divorce with a foreigner, with the Turk in Turkey, Istanbul, Ukraine (via OCS, through the courts). The marriage contract. Advocate for Family Affairs, Kyiv, on divorce (family).

The main activity in the area of Family Law:

  • Preparation of documents for marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine, and Turkey;
  • The development of the text of the marriage contract;
  • Changes in the marriage contract;
  • Drafting of the contract between the parents for payment of child support;
  • Preparation of applications for divorce;
  • Drafting pleadings, counsel on family matters, the divorce;
  • Legal advice;

Representation and protection of human rights in the courts of Ukraine (Kyiv) and Turkey (Turk divorce), * as well as at the stage of enforcement proceedings in cases about:

  • Divorce (divorce), including a foreigner.
  • Division of property;
  • Alimony;
  • Reducing the size of child support;
  • Alimony to disabled spouse;
  • Termination of parental rights;
  • Exclusion of data from the acts of a record of birth;
  • Recognition of the marriage contract is fully (partially) invalid;
  • Determination of residence of the child;
  • Removing obstacles in communication with the child and the child’s upbringing;
  • Annulment;
  • Reducing the amount of maintenance;
  • Renewal of marriage;
  • Providing the right to marry;
  • Establishment of paternity;
  • Adopt, adoption, etc.


Our specialists are always available to answer questions as a divorce (dissolution of marriage) and the division of property in Ukraine, to get child support, divorce with a foreigner, with the Turk, to marry a Turk in Turkey, to issue an invitation for foreigners in Ukraine, which stamp duty at Divorce, like marriage conclude a contract (agreement), to issue a statement or action for divorce to the registrar (registrar through) divorce, child support issue, file a suit for divorce in court (a court). Lawyer for family affairs, according to divorce. Turkey, Istanbul, Kyiv, Ukraine.

* Partners are ready to provide you with legal support also in Turkey during the divorce proceedings, enforcement of alimony, property division, the definition of place of residence of the child and other disputes. The cost of these services is from 3500 dollars. The United States.