Housing law in Ukraine. Eviction. Accommodation. Register (registration) in Kyiv. Definition of procedures for use of the apartment.

The main activity in the area of Housing Law:

  • Pral and written advice on housing legislation (Ukraine);
  • Registration of residence (residence in an apartment, residence newborn child (time – stay constant – accommodation);
  • Disputes over the universe in an apartment;
  • Disputes about eviction from the apartment;
  • Recognition of the mortgage contract null and void;
  • Preparation of applications, complaints, letters;
  • Preparation of claim, the claim;
  • Recognition of a person lost his right to use the living room;
  • Establishing procedures for use of the apartment;
  • Removal of barriers to use;
  • Compulsory exchange of housing;
  • Finally, change, registration and termination of employment of the lease;
  • Drafting the text of the lease apartments;
  • Appeal against the actions of officials of public authorities;
  • Representation at the court of Housing: Forced eviction from the apartment (in court), the definition of the order of use, the allocation of shares in kind.

Our experts (lawyers for Housing) will answer the questions: what proportion of the apartment and how to determine the proportion of the apartment, to write from the apartment without consent, for non-payment, to evict a person from an apartment that is registered in the apartment, there is a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, a child born in the apartment without the owner’s consent, if required for employment residence in Kyiv, is it possible to write a child from Ukraine apartment, as you can get the address of registration.