Residence in Ukraine (temporary and permanent) and how to get it. The work permit Ukraine. Tax number (identification number), Kyiv. Register (registration) of foreigners. Visa to Ukraine.

The main activity in the area of migration law:

  • Registration (temporary and permanent residence) of an alien at the place of residence;
  • Tax Identification Number (ID number, ID) for a foreigner;
  • A work permit (work permit Ukraine) for a foreigner;
  • A temporary residence permit in Ukraine;
  • A permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Continuation of stay in Ukraine, the citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Legal support to the authorities;
  • Representation in the courts for the imposition of administrative sanctions (including fines) migration issues *
  • Appeal against the actions of the Ministry of Interior, OGIRFL (VGIRFO, OVIR) ZHREO, etc. *
  • Written and oral legal advice *
  • Appeals against deportation.

Our experts will tell you how to get a work permit in Ukraine (trudostroystvo permit, work permit) visa, how to draw up an invitation for an alien to Ukraine from the company and a citizen of Ukraine, as a temporary and permanent residence permit, to issue a travel voucher, to issue Tourist invitation, to register as a temporary residence for foreigners in Ukraine, where and how to get the ID number (identification number, tax identification number) for a foreigner, you need to properly execute employment of foreigners in Ukraine, Kyiv.

* It is possible for an interpreter and the translation of documents.