Legacy and how his draw in Ukraine, Kyiv. Attorney at law by inheritance (in inheritance cases). Will. The right to inheritance. Extension of the court.

The main activity in the area of succession law:

  • Oral and written advice on inheritance law: terms and procedure of accepting the inheritance, the rejection of the inheritance, legal succession, testamentary succession;
  • Preparation of written recommendations and conclusions;
  • Advocate ( attorney at law, attorneys) for probate (by inheritance), attorney’s request;
  • Drafting a text, the annuity;
  • Preparation of hereditary contract;
  • Legal support inheritance disputes in court Urainy in Kyiv;
  • Recovery time of acceptance of inheritance;
  • Recognition of the will invalid;
  • Extension of the deadline for acceptance of an inheritance in Ukraine;
  • Recognition of the right to a compulsory share of inheritance;
  • Elimination of the right to inherit;
  • Transfer in kind of inheritance, escheat recognized (vymorochenoe);
  • Determine the proportion of the dead in general, joint property;
  • Establish the facts of legal importance (to establish in court the fact of accepting the inheritance, the fact of kinship);
  • Changes in order to qualify for inheritance;
  • Preparation of wills;
  • Represent the interests of creditors of the testator.

Our experts will answer the questions: Is it possible to compensate for legal expenses for legal counsel to contest the will in court in Ukraine, that such entry and how to join the heritage of the apartment through the courts, the term allowed by its decision, the timing of the inheritance, that is the recovery time, which missed, as his issue, whether it is possible to challenge a will on a flat, invalidate (Ukraine, Kyiv region);