The insurance lawyer. Attorney at law. Dispute, claim to the insurance in the Ukraine, Kyiv. Protection of rights in a court of CTP. CASCO. Insurance does not pay.

The main activity in the area of insurance law:

  • Drawing up contracts of insurance;
  • Legal expertise (editing, modification) insurance contracts;
  • Pre-trial settlement of insurance disputes, disputes with insurance companies;
  • Appeal the actions of the company that insured;
  • Insurance counsel;
  • Preparation of statements, claims, suits (suit), complaints and petitions;
  • Representation of clients in government agencies, insurance companies (insurance disputes with Ukraine, Kiev);
  • Representation and protection of clients in courts of Ukraine and Turkey, according to insurance disputes;

Legal support on disputes about the recovery of outstanding amounts of compensation payments to compensate for the injury, compensation for material and moral damages, the recovery of unpaid indemnity, to recover the sum insured under the insurance contract, to recover under a contract of automobile insurance, for annulment of the contract or part of the contract insurance, to terminate the contract of insurance (the insurance dispute in Kiev, Ukraine, Turkey).

Our experts will answer the questions: how to file a petition (lawsuit) in court on the insurance company what to do if the insurance does not pay for the CTP, hull, is it possible to collect from the insurance company paid the fee lawyer ( attorney at law ) in Kyiv  (Ukraine).

Legal support not only in Ukraine but also in Turkey!