Investment Law. Investing in Ukraine. Investing in Turkey. Foreign investment in the business of construction. Investment agreement. How to find an investor. Investor protection, investment risks, the risks of investment projects.

The main activity of the Investment Law:

  •  Advice on planning, opening, doing business in Ukraine, Turkey, the analysis of business risks, opportunities and systematically obtaining a profit, risk assessment company.
  • Registration of foreign enterprises, business activities, including subsidiaries with 100% foreign investment, joint ventures, representative offices of foreign companies;
  • State registration of foreign investments (direct investments and private);
  • Full legal support (through partial or full subscription services) of enterprises in Ukraine, Turkey;
  • Legal and accounting services when buying or selling corporate rights;
  • Advice on tax legislation, to purchase securities in the stock market;
  • Legal support in obtaining the necessary permits, licenses and certificates;
  • Assistance in obtaining a work permit, temporary or permanent residence permit, registration, tax receipt number;
  • Assist in the recruitment, facilities for conducting business;
  • Advice on copyright and intellectual property, antitrust on Ukraine;
  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Legal support for the project, transaction, support in obtaining individual licenses for foreign exchange operations, investments abroad (Ukraine, Kyiv);
  • Contract work: drafting agreements, amendments, support for contracts, when they are executed, including agreements on joint activity: the investment agreement, cooperation agreement;
  • Claims – enforceability of activity;
  • Representation and protection of the rights of investors in state bodies, courts (District and Appellate Courts, Supreme Court to review the specialized civil and criminal cases and administrative courts, economic courts of Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, the economic courts of appeal, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Court of Ukraine, including the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine).