Land Law. Land disputes. Land Lawyer in Ukraine, Kyiv. How to legalize home, an addition, garage.

The main activity in the area of the Land Law:

  • Legal advice on land legislation of Ukraine, Turkey, the lawyer for the land law, the lawyer for Land Affairs;
  • Due diligence documents, complete legal support for contracts, including donation, purchase, sale, exchange, short-and long-term land lease, easement, perpetual lease, superficies;
  • Drafting of legal opinions (oral and written);
  • Legal support during the selection for the use, division in kind of land, recognition of property rights;
  • İnheritance and family disputes;
  • Preparation of complaints, claims, objections, requests, explanations, statements, letters, claims that relate to land use issues;
  • Training and support at the signing of contracts relating to rights of use, and disposal of land ownership;
  • Advice on the changing purpose of land;
  • Representation and protection in the courts, government agencies, private enterprises and other institutions;
  • Appeal against actions of state authorities, the decision of land disputes in Ukraine Kyiv;
  • Legal representation for recognition of land lease contract to be invalid, the procedure for recognition of land and its borders, the return of illegally occupied land, to remove obstacles to the use of land, etc.

Our experts will be happy to answer questions as to legalize the house, building, garage, how to privatize land, as making change the destination, the change of purpose of land, land conversion, land clearance, will help to make an assessment of land, to legalize the house, take legitimizing building, tell What is a tax on land (land tax), easement, perpetual lease, superficies.