The trial lawyer. Lawyer in court. Arbitration. Representation and protection of the rights and interests in court. How to apply, the claim in court. Legal services (Kiev, Ukraine, in Kyiv region, Turkey, Istanbul). The fee for filing a claim.

Represent the interests of our clients in Ukraine and in the courts of Turkey!
We offer the following services:

  • Familiarization with the case;
  • A written opinion on the case file;
  • Preparation of procedural documents: Claim, suit, counterclaim, an objection to a claim, appeal and appeal, attorneys request, request, application, preparation of settlement agreements and other documents, the court fee;
  • Advice, assistance in gathering evidence, filing a claim, the statement to the court;
  • Litigation: implementation representation (legal counsel), protection of the rights and interests in the court of Turkey and Ukraine in Kiev as legal entities (partnerships, companies, organizations, institutions, associations, foundations, political parties, unions, etc.) and individuals ( Ukrainian citizens, foreigners and stateless persons) in these processes:
    • Civil (banking, insurance, family, employment, contract, inheritance, housing disputes, settlement of land disputes, disputes with the developer, the compensation of material damage and moral injury, consumer protection, copyrights, etc.);
    • Criminal;
    • Administrative (RTA, tax disputes, disputes with state authorities, pension disputes and other disputes on social payments, the protection of affairs about administrative violations);
    • Economic (bankruptcy, debt collection, pre-contract and contract disputes, intellectual property, etc.)
  • In all courts of general jurisdiction, which system comprises:
    • Local Courts;
    • Courts of Appeal;
    • The highest specialized courts (nullification);
    • The Supreme Court of Ukraine.

Our experts and partners (attorneys: legal, family lawyer, the lawyer for civil, hazyaystvennym, criminal cases, lawyers) in Ukraine (Kiev, Kyiv region) and Turkey (Istanbul) are ready to represent and defend your interests at any stage in the process!

Consultations on the issues: how to file a lawsuit, petition for gai what a lawsuit to file a petition, how to make the appeal court decision – appeal, cassation, how to sue the insurance company sotavit appeal and the appeal of how much the filing of a claim and how much of court fee.

Also represent clients in arbitration, the arbitration court regardless of whether it is created specifically to address an individual’s case is either a permanent arbitration institution, in particular the International Commercial Arbitration Court or the Maritime Arbitration Commission at the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine ( Kyiv).

We provide legal support for the submission of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights.