Mediation in Ukraine (including family). Resolution of Disputes. Labor dispute. The negotiations.

Mediation (Latin mediare – intermediate) – a form of extra-judicial dispute resolution through a neutral third party impartial – the mediator (the mediator).

During the mediation the parties to the conflict, independently come to a mutually beneficial solution, based on experience, knowledge and skills of a mediator. Resolution of the dispute depends entirely on the will of the disputants.

Mediation is required if:

  • Important for you to not only solve the conflict situation, but also to maintain normal relations in the future (negotiations, business negotiations);
  • You want to preserve the confidentiality of (pre-trial settlement of disputes);
  • Do you feel that the resolution of conflict situations greatly influence emotions (division of property between spouses, divorce);
  • Are you looking for a global solution to the problem, try to conclude a large contract, but due to small differences can not come to a common denominator, immediate action should be a specialist on the part of mediator;
  • You understand that without the help of a neutral person, the mediator (in Kyiv)  to resolve disputes is not possible;

The areas in which mediation is used:

  • Commercial disputes;
  • Corporate litigation (contract disputes, business);
  • Disputes in the banking and insurance sector;
  • Support for projects;
  • Conflicts at work (labor dispute);
  • Family disputes, divorce, property division (family mediation);
  • Disputes relating to the payment of material and / or moral compensation;
  • Disputes relating to copyright and related rights;
  • In education;
  • Cross-cultural conflicts;
  • The criminal process, educational, conciliation purpose;
  • And much more.

Experienced certified mediators, our employees, have repeatedly been shown in practice how important arts and techniques of negotiation. We can help you resolve the conflict, conduct business negotiations to resolve the dispute, not only in Kyiv, but in all regions of Ukraine.

Now you can! Without trial, with the help of mediation!