Lawyer (attorney at law) and notary in Kyiv. Notary in Pechersk district of Kyiv in Solomenskiy. Consulting a notary public. Notary's office. Notary services.

Notary services, which provide partners of our company:

  • Consultation by notary (notary services) in Kiev (in Pechersk district Solomenskiy, Kiev), free advice on notarial services provided;
  • Certificate of transactions (contracts of alienation of immovable and movable property, the mortgage contract (mortgage) of real and personal property, wills, powers of attorney, contract of purchase – sale);
  • The imposition and lifting of restrictions concerning the alienation of immovable property (property rights to real property), and vehicles subject to state registration;
  • Certification of the authenticity of copies of documents and extracts from them;
  • Authentication of signatures on documents (in the statutes, bank cards, announcements, etc.);
  • Certification of fidelity of translation of documents from one language to another (in the presence of an interpreter);
  • Certification of a citizen in a certain place;
  • The approval of the host individual in a certain place;
  • Identification of time of presentation of documents by a notary;
  • commission executive inscriptions;
  • commission of protests of bills;
    • And perform other notarial acts under the legislation of Ukraine.

Possible departure of the notary! Notary operates from 10-00 to 18-00 (on weekends – by appointment)

Only with us! Lawyer ( attorney at law) and notary, all close by. Notary office partner:

  1. Consultation on the notary’s Cave ( near metro Klovskaya, metro Pechersk, Kiev);
  2. Consulting a notary near metro KPI (Solomenskyi district, Kyiv, Ukraine).