Drawing up business plans. Business plan of the company: water parks, cafés, restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, car washes, car dealership, a nightclub, a beauty salon, studios, travel agencies, bakeries, barber shop, movie theater, pizzeria, pool (Kiev, Ukraine). Risk assessment of investment projects, investment risks.

In the field of business planning company offers services in Ukraine and in Russia (Moscow), provides complete information on how to start a business from scratch and provides legal support at all stages of the opening and operation of a business:

For the design or creation of new firms and their subdivisions

Comprehensive business plans, including detailed technical and economic calculations on all sections and parameters of design, construction and development of a new production of goods and services (hairdresser, service station, car wash, a bakery, a studio, shop clothing, shoes, coffee shop, restaurant, water park, a pizzeria , cinema, supermarket, beauty salon Ukraine, Kiev). The main directions:

  • Correlation of costs with revenues from the project implementation, the calculation of its efficiency;
  • Identification of organizational, financial, marketing, legal, manufacturing and other “gotchas” that can occur during the development and implementation;
  • Justification of the project attractive to potential lenders or investors;
  • Assess the scope and capacity of the market where you plan to operate.

To improve the work already functioning structures

Local business projects designed to achieve specific strategic or tactical objectives. The main directions:

  • Development and delivery to market of new products and services;
  • Reconstruction of the enterprises and the expansion of production;
  • Improvements in technology and organization of production, improving product quality and productivity.

For the investor or lender

Business projects from scratch, to help assess the prospects of a project (car wash, shop, beauty salon, or restaurant, water park, cafe, restaurant, clothing store, travel agency businesses, bakeries, barber shop, studio, swimming pool) on the part of the investment. The main directions:

  • Assessment of risks (investment risk, the risk of investment projects in Ukraine) and the reality of getting the desired effect of the project;
  • Assessment of recoveries. Company’s business plan, shop, entertainment venue in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Each project is developed with consideration of its specific features for specific requirements of customers, creditors and investors, and in the absence of such claims – by conventional standards (Ukraine, Russia).

Quality business plan right now – profitable and successful business in the future!