Tax disputes. Tax attorney at law. Court, the dispute with the tax. Land, Single Tax Ukraine.

The main activity in the area of tax law:

  • Oral and written tax advice, legal services;
  • A dispute with the tax, a lawyer in tax disputes (tax lawyer, attorney at law in tax cases);
  • Tax planning for the type of business, organizational and legal forms, forms of taxation, types of activities;
  • Making formal requests to the authorities of the tax service in Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Legal support during the tax police inspections, unscheduled inspection, inventory, and seizures;
  • Appeal against a tax audit;
  • Appeal against the decision of the tax, the actions of the tax. service, including employees of tax authorities, the police, the parent officials to higher authorities and in court;
  • Pre-trial settlement of tax disputes;
  • Tax Court, representation and protection of human rights in the courts, including in tax and criminal cases.

Our staff will tell you: what is a single, unified social tax, land tax (land tax), luxury tax, real estate taxes, the procedure of calculation and payment, attorney at law ( Ukraine, Kyiv).