Opening and registration of the transport company in Ukraine. The transport contract. The contract of carriage. Logistics operations. The license for the transportation of Ukraine in Kyiv. Cargo and passenger (Ukraine). Rental request about free transport (Kiev).

The main activity in the Transportation Law:

  • Legal advice in the field of transport law (transfer passengers (people), goods, signals and information, organization and activities of transport companies, the relationship between transport companies and their clients, between one and transport enterprises of different types of transport: rail, air (air regulations) , vnutrennevodny, sea (shipping), a car);
  • Advice on the Foreign Trade (international transport);
  • Advice on licensing of transport activities;
  • Opening of a transport company in Ukraine (Kyiv);
  • Contract work: drafting contracts: the transport contract, the contract of carriage of persons, goods in Ukraine, in Kiev and other, assistance during the execution of contracts specific to different types of transport, vehicle hire (Kiev);
  • Preparation of letters, claims, applications, petitions, complaints, lawsuits and other legal documents;
  • Representation and protection of the courts in Ukraine legal entities (companies), entrepreneurs (FOP, SPD), who are executors (loss of the transport company), customers, transportation services, as well as individuals – clients of transport companies on logistics – transportation;

Our employees, with years of experience in the field of transport law, for internal (in Kyiv, Ukraine) and international transport of cargo, passengers, and provide legal support in relationships with carriers, customers – individuals and legal entities, ports, warehouses, transportation and port operators , freight forwarding and agency companies.