Commercial law. How to open a shoe store, clothing, grocery store in Ukraine, Kyiv. Opening of the store Kyiv. How to open a business in Turkey.

The main activity in the area of ​​commercial law and business start-up (Ukraine, Turkey):

• registration, reregistration a legal entity (digging the enterprise, company, business partnership, LLC, CP, DP), branch, representative office, an individual entrepreneur (FOP, SAP), a farm in Kyiv and Ukraine other city, changes in constituent documents, registration of change of directors;

• purchase and sale of business in Ukraine and Turkey, corporate rights (purchase and sale of the company): consulting, legal and accounting transaction support, including legal and accounting audit of the company, corporate rights which are acquired;

• support for mergers and acquisitions;

• contractual activities: Customer support during the negotiations, drafting contracts committee, supply, sale, lease, processing of raw material, a joint activity, work, preliminary agreements, the presence at the signing, support during the execution, termination of contracts;

• Customer consultation support in obtaining the necessary time for carrying out economic (commercial, retail) of permits, licenses, certificates (to trade in, a fire permit, permit sanepidemstantsii (conclusion SES), certification of products UKRSEPRO, license for tourism, for transportation by taxi , Emergency License (Kyiv).

• legal advice on the issue and circulation of securities;

• legal support during the execution of transactions in securities;

• advice on how to start a business in Ukraine: clothing store, food, shoes, cosmetics, gifts, perfumes, hair salon, beauty salon, service stations, a supermarket in Kyiv, legal and accounting firms and support companies that osuschestvlyaeyut retail and wholesale trade ;

• the implementation of internal and external security of the business enterprise, the shop;

• conflict resolution;

• representation in courts;

• support during execution;

• protection and representation in government;

• appeal against the actions, decisions of public authorities;

• reclamation of debt in pre-trial court procedures;

• legal advice lawyer advocate on other issues relating to commercial, tax, commercial law, including the Customs Law.

Our experts will answer the questions: how to choose a scheme of taxation, how to open a business in Ukraine, Kyiv: in what form is better to open a shop selling shoes, food, clothing, etc., in which form is best to register their activities: the entrepreneur (FOP, SAP), Enterprise (OOO, OOO), or a branch, subsidiary, representative office how to get documents such as: License for tourism, taxi, trucking, emergency, fire resolution on the trade, the conclusion of SES (sanepidemstantsii) UKRSEPRO certificate.

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